Salad Hands Set

Just so your guest don't see you with your hands in the salad!




Salad Set

Traditional  Fork & Spoon. Our fork can be used for Pasta, and our spoon for cooking & serving.





Winged Salad Set

NEW design for tossing and serving .Looks kinda like angle wings if you squint and tilt your head to side!






Twisted Salad Set

Put a new twist in your salads. Or just be a little twisted.





Tiny Salad Set

Just so you feel like your only eating a tiny salad. It's the cooking fork and the sugar spoon.



Long Ladle

Longer handle to get into the big pots of your favorite homemade soups.





Medium Ladle

My favorite of the  ladles. It has the best balance for my hands. It has a little shorter handle than the long ladle.





Long Slotted Ladle

Unique design for  soups and veggies. Long handled for  deeper pots.





Short Slotted Ladle

Short handle for comfort.  Great for serving soups and veggies. We make two sizes because we can't decide which one is best!




Long Spatch

Longer in length to keep you away from the heat. Notice the dip in the blade. It gets under foods like burgers and pancakes.




Hard Angle Spatch

The new design in a spatula. It has a great feel in your hand and comes in from the correct angle.




Slim Spatch

This is one of my favorites. It's great for pushing things around a skillet like shrimp , or flipping things in a pan like chicken.



Saute Spatch

This is  great tool. I have had one in my collection since a tried the one hand salad set. It was half of the set with a little design change. For stirring onions and mushrooms and stuff in a pan.




Wide Spatch

Wide to get the big pancakes over in one piece.




Mixing Paddle

Shaped for the  mixing bowl. Strong, yet comfortable for mixing  heavybread doughs or cookies. Also  great in ICE CREAM.





Rice Paddle

New! Just  the thing you need when cooking and serving rice.




Wok Tool

The back is curved to fit your wok. The blade is thin for getting under your stir fry. The handle is long to keep you away from splashing oils.




Spootch (sp-oo-tch)

Spoon & Spatula in one! Designed for stew,chili,spaghetti and things you don't  want stuck on the bottom of your pots. The notch is for tasting and pouring.





Stirring Spoon

My all purpose cooking spoon. Strong enough for mixing the thickest cookie dough.




Serving Spoon

New! Not as deep as a ladle but more scoop than a spoon. I love this spoon.





Slim Spoon

New design  this year. Sim handle and longer in the bowl.




Slotted Spoon

This design allows all liquids to drain. Has the length for deeper pots.




Small Taster

 When you need a small taste of what's on top of the stove.




Tasting Spoon

You cook with the big end and taste with the small end and it  cools as it runs down the channel.







Little Spreader

For butter and soft cheese. Great for entertaining,  and party favors!





Jelly Spoon

Gets under the top of the jar. Also  works well for honey. The back is nice for spreading.



Omlette Tool

Mary has a egg white omlette for lunch almost every day so I made this tool for her. It has a flat spot for scrambling the round side for getting under and folding. The outside is crowned for spreading the jam on her english muffin. It does it all!




Long Blender Spoons

Long is the word here. Slender and long to get into deep blenders or pitchers of lemonade and iced tea!




Pie Server

Crowned to come in from the side. The curve gets under the first piece. You can use it for Lasagna or even Pizza.




Toast Tweezers

The width of a toaster. Gets bagels, English muffins out in one piece. If I don't save my customers from electrocution who will buy my spoons.






Salad / Bread Tongs

The bigger tong is for salad bowls and buffet type settings as well as cooking in a frying pan or on a grill.




Coffee Scoop


1 scoop=1 cups   in a drip coffee maker. I designed it to stick right in your coffee so it won't get lost. Keeps well in the fridge also.



 Cooking Fork


This 2 prong fork is great for working in a saute pan with everthing from turning bacon to mushrooms. Poking pickels, olives, onions.




3 Prong Fork

This new fork is for those who want a little more length and strength.




Z-Oven- Rack Puller

DeZigned  for the cook  who want's to wear short sleeves when they go out dancing.





Pot Strainer

This is what happens when we get enough request for a tool, we make it! Just hold it over the edge of your pot or pan to keep the good stuff in and drain the rest off.




Substitute Thumb Nail

These little helpers don't do anthing you can't do with your thumb nail. They just don't sting after peeling  oranges and other citrus. And they save you from a new manacure when you remember to use it.





Spootch (sp-oo-tch)

Spoon & Spatula in one! Designed for stew,chili,spaghetti and things you don't  want stuck on the bottom of your pots. The notch is for tasting and pouring.







This design is for cooking in a fry pan or poking pickles and olives.











Extra long for Canning and Jelly making, Candy making, and  the Brew mister.






New design this year for  condiments as well as sugar  and spice and everything nice.






Small Slim Spoon

New design this year. I really like this size for a small pot or pan. A little longer bowl.













Wide Spatch

This is our new spatch for flipping burgers and pancakes and such.  







The fork is for cooking and the spoon is for stirring.







A round bowl on the end so you can get a taste of things.



So you only want a small taste!








When you want to add little twist to salads.






This can reach down to the bottom of the Blender to get the good stuff .







It makes it look like your only eating a little salad.















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