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About White Forest Spoons...




I have a 20 year background in the graphic arts industry. I left that job and took a giant leap into a new venture in 1992 and began making spoons and kitchen utensils. There is no going back now.


Primarily working in cherry wood, the process involves a design turned into a pattern. The pattern is then freeform cut on a band saw, drilled, and drum sanded. For the bowls, a drill press and sander are used to shape them. The products are then finished in bee's wax and mineral oil.


Being left-handed I know how difficult it is to find tools that are balanced for left handed people. This is why, as a major feature of my work, I  make both left and right handed utensils.


Your feedback on my desigins and hearing what you would like to work with in the kitchen, influences my new and existing designs. This allows the products to be not only unique in design, but also functional. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I have enjoyed making them.



Richard McCollum